Digital Process Manager

We selected a Digital Process Manager profile for a multinational company in the leisure and entertainment sector.

In the field of business processes of the company (Finance, HR, Operations and Data), the mission will be to manage projects related to the digitization and evolution of these, optimizing the navigation and effort of our internal client, in order to obtain positive results in terms of efficiency, savings and a better internal customer experience.

Roles and responsibilities:
· Obtaining business results, efficiency and savings.
· Management and leadership of projects related to the construction of the company’s digital assets.
· Supervise and coordinate the digital experience of the different internal processes of the company, understanding technology and optimization possibilities.
· Assess existing business processes and identify operationally burdensome processes and propose solutions to reduce operating overhead.
· Coordinate business process improvement strategies with internal stakeholders.
· Guide and supervise personnel who have been assigned specific tasks.
· Perform continuous analysis on processes related to productivity, quality, costs and time management.
· Present progress reports and integrate comments.
· Review and update procedures and policies.
· Supervise the design of UX trips.
· Integrate and standardize templates and tasks, unifying style criteria.
· Creation of functional documents and user stories on the accumulation of requirements.
· Work closely with developers, project owners and managers of operations, finance and human resources in the construction and development of ideas.
· Performing user tests to ensure product quality.
· Know the state of the art in terms of technology and tools in this matter.
· Act as a catalyst for change in the concept of Transformation in the Digital Age, demonstrating by example how to work in this new environment.

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